Aethists, Agnostics and Christians

Ok – So I’ll tell you first that I do profess to be a Christian.

Recently we had a debate by the Author Richard Dawkins and the local roman catholic archbishop George Pell.    Both were a disappointment in expressing their point of view and it was obvious that Dawkins had a far better knowledge of what was in the Bible than did Archbishop Pell and the impression that I was left with was that Archbishop Pell does not have the resurrected Jesus Christ as his Lord & Saviour.

On the issue of the evilness of aethists or agnostic, I really don’t see any difference between an aethist or agnostic and a comparible Christian. Both will have done things that should give them shame (I know that I have). The difference is that the Christian has acknowledged that and asked for and been granted forgiveness by the Saviour whilst this is not the case for the aethist or the agnostic.
A deliverable of this will be the saved Christian seeking the mind and heart of God in how they deal with others and strengthening the personal relationship provided with the Saviour.

The aethist or agnostic are denying the Soverinity of God and as such are making themselves in status equal to the Creator.

As to who goes to Heaven, we who have God as Soverign in our lives should not be doing so as a just reward so that we may go to Heaven as we know we don’t deserve it, but God through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ has made this a promise and therefore we can rely upon it to be so.

While I yearn for those who I care for and who continue to deny the Saviour to seek forgiveness in His name, for those who spend their lives in such denial until the end, the last place they would probably want to be is in Heaven.  Here is a place filled with the presence of God – If they were there it would be hell, to understand that they spent their life denying the opportunity to make my Saviour the Lord of their life.


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