Men Meeting the Challenge Conference 1st Sept 2012 at King’s School North Parramatta

ImageOn Fire for Christ
For all those Sydneysiders who call themselves Christian – It would be great if you could think about attending the Men Meeting the Challenge event on Saturday September 1st . It is best to book as soon as practicable so that you may take advantage of early bird rates as well as the 10 for 8 offer (arrange this through your local men’s ministry convenor, etc.)

The conference is a non-denominational, biblically referenced teaching event with the aim of assisting us in reflecting Christ to all of those with whom we have contact.

For those with a Dad around, take him along and be with him (day preceding father’s day on Sunday Sept 2nd), or for Dad’s think about bringing your son/s!

For the Girls, this is a great opportunity to get your men out of the house (together) on a Saturday and have them return better for it. As I quiter rightly point out to my Loving wife “I may not be the perfect husband and father – but without the influence of going to talks such as these, I’d definitely be a whole lot worse…” She is mindful that I dramatically improved after my committment to our Saviour and that I’m slowly getting easier to live with in spite of being a grumpy older man!

Talk program will be: Ian Powell who shall challenge us with the commission to make Christ as Saviour known, followed by Leigh Hatcher querying where we stand in our culture, then there will be a group of choice options for sessions on: ministering to mates, seeding with children, witnessing in groups, grandparenting ( I’ll be probably choosing this one) – then another choice session on: contacting young guys with the Gospel, lifetime commitment (marriage), being a chaplain in your workplace (Graham Clark), being genuine and committed with those of differing culture (Frank Hawkes). We would then be closing with a summation by Dominic Steele.

If you see that all of the talks are appealing (as I do) and you’re having difficulties on which breakout to attend then prioritise what you feel would benefit you most (and let your Dad or son or guest choose what he’d like) – then order the MP3’s for the event. This will also make a great ministry resource and reference (we stick them in the slot in the car when driving around and seem to get something more out of such talks and find ourselves refreshed each time we pray and then listen). We also have some of the earlier MMC event talks should anyone be interested (but we would like to have them back to share with others as well as refresh ourselves) or go to the website and download last years MP3’s of the talks as well as check out the promo video.


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