CFSP Assessor for NSW AFSS’ & SFSS’

Any AFSS of SFSS in NSW submitted after 6th April (now deferred till 1st July 2020) must have the performance of each measure (listed on the FSS and reflected in Section 4 as well as paths of travel in Section 5) attested to by an accredited CFSP Assessor who will be identified and sign-off (in section 6).

There seems to be a whole lot of confusion about who and how the Section 4 and Section 5 & 6 of these forms can be filled out.

A CFSP inspect and test accredited individual is not necessarily a CFSP accredited assessor and those who have only CFSP inspect and test may not be listed in Section 4, 5 or 6 of the form. Only accredited CFSP assessors can be listed in these sections.

The FPAA are the administrators of the CFSP Accreditation and are adamant that the CFSP Assessor must not be reliant upon CFSP inspect and test individuals when doing their assessments, but must physically inspect and assess each site and be able to show what evidence they acquired  to form the view that the measure performed.

The FPAA are required to audit registered CFSP’s and ensure that they are following the correct assessment criteria (physical assessment done and performance evidence records for all measures attested to). Those who don’t follow the required criteria will be disciplined and/or deregistered.

It will simply not be good enough to have a CFSP Assessor on staff in the office signing off on these sections referencing only the inspect & test dockets from that companies inspect and test technicians.

Note that no CFSP listed in Section 6 can be the submitter referenced in Section 7.

The only form that may be used for AFSS’and SFSS’ is that from:



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